Monday, December 17, 2007

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend! Saturday we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned which made it SO easy for me to relax the rest of the weekend knowing things were back in good shape around here. Kane had to tutor Saturday and Sunday afternoons, so Mara Kate and I watched Little Women together on Saturday afternoon. I was really in the mood for a Christmas movie and I always loved Little Women growing up. Mara Kate actually paid attention to most of it, even though it wasn't Bob and Larry on the screen! :) I just enjoyed cuddling up on the couch with her for a couple hours. I think watching movies with her when she gets older will be a fun thing to do as mother/daughter. I am excited to have another girl in the house who will like watching cheezy Christmas movies with me, even when Kane rolls his eyes at us. :)

Yesterday we went to the early service at church and then I dozed on the couch for awhile while Mara Kate napped. Kane tutored in the afternoon and then we headed to our church to watch their Christmas program. It was very uplifting and was a great reminder not only that Christ came as a babe, but that he also died and was resurrected for us. It really told the whole story of Christ, which was great since there were many visitors at church, who may have heard the gospel for the first time. It did continue to fan the flame of my Christmas spirit and now I am very ready for Christmas to be here. I am ready to be with family, relaxing, visiting and enjoying the holidays! Now, if we could only fast forward through this week to make it get here faster!

Someone asked me last night if this was Mara Kate's second Christmas. I almost said yes, but then had to think about it...and it's actually her third! I can't believe that! Even though she was only 1 month old for her first Christmas she was here and accounted for. Because she was soo tiny and I was soo tired I really don't remember much about that Christmas! I am so thankful she has been a part of our family for three Christmas seasons already!

Also, here are a few recent pictures of Mara Kate---in front of our tree! She pretty much asks everyday for me to take her picture in front of the tree. I did it once and now she thinks it something we need to do everyday! She sure loves our tree!!

A very typical scene in our house. Mara Kate day and night admiring the
tree and looking at all the ornaments whilte pointing out her favorites!

This was taken this morning--in her cozy pjs!

Before heading out to the Children's Christmas parade a few weeks ago.
Mara Kate loves her mittens and thinks they are SO fun to wear!
She doesn't really like to take them off, even once we get inside!

Last Sunday before church

Yesterday before heading to our church Christmas program.

Here is Mara Kate talking about her "Baby's First Christmas" ornament, which is a baby sleeping in a cradle---which SO does not describe her first Christmas!
I don't think there was much sleeping going on for ANYONE that Christmas! :)


Katie said...

I'll come watch cheesy Christmas movies with you girls!!!! Yeay for cheeseness!


Dad said...

It looks like MK is also getting into the Christmas spirit!


How darling...I love the smocked Christmas dress! Did you do that one? Little Women is such a fun Christmas movie...but I always hope Jo will just say yes! Aghh! ;-)

Your favorite Aunt said...

I love reading our blog! She is sooo cute. Makes me miss my little girls who are all grown up. You have got to make a trip with Heidi after Christmas and let me spoil her for you!! I really like her Christmas dress. Did you make it? Love you all...Aunt Jane

The Headless Moron said...

Merry Christmas guys! Hope you had a good one.