Monday, December 10, 2007

Advent Tree

We started a new tradition with Mara Kate this year that was an old tradition for me personally--something I grew up with. It is an advent tree, which is made of felt that you hang on the wall. We read several scripture verses each night that talk about a different part of Christ's history/lineage and we place a corresponding symbol (also made of felt) up on the tree. We are adding a new symbol to the tree each day in December. We thought that Mara Kate might be too young to really get into this this year, but we thought we would go ahead and establish this as a tradition in our home while she was still too young to remember NOT doing it.

She has surprised us as she has been very focused on this and asks everyday if we can read the bible and do the advent tree. She says to Kane and I both, "Bible-Aventree-OK". :) If it was up to her we would add things several times a day. It has been special reading to her already about God's plan, faithfulness and His relationship with His people and I look forward to the other things we will be talking about together later this month. Every time we add something new to the tree she tells us about all the other things already hung up. It has served as a special family time, focused on the real reason for Christmas and I know there will be many more speical memories made in the years of celebration to come.

(Thanks Mom for your time, effort and energy you put into making this tree for our family.
We love you, Mimi!)

Merry Christmas!