Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I purchased this 12" poly-resin "B" when I found it on 50% off at Hobby Lobby this past weekend. The antique-gold finish wasn't my favorite so I was hoping I could transform it to a pewter type finish instead. This morning while grocery shopping I picked up a can of "hammered-finish" silver spray paint. I set it out on my patio and sprayed it with 2 coats and let it dry.

The original finish---not bad, just not my preference

Drying out on the patio

Project complete!

Looks like pewter to me!

Bonus: I still have the rest of the spray paint so I can re-finish other items in the future. I actually already have a mirror I've had for quite sometime that I may paint this weekend with the same stuff to give it a bit of a face lift.


Dad said...

Looks great! As you-know-who would say, "GOOD JORB"!

Jordana said...

looks great Jana!!