Friday, October 26, 2007

Plugging Along

This week has been a normal week and has gone by pretty fast. I asked Kane this morning, "Is today Friday?" Monday our car was in the shop and finally got fixed after 3 weeks. It was diagnosed one week, the next week it was taken in only to find out the shop had ordered the wrong part and finally got repaired this past Monday.

I did my normal errands, grocery shopping, etc. on Tuesday along with cooking a meal Kane requested for this week of grilled teriyaki chicken, rice and honey glazed carrots. (Yumm!)

Mara Kate and I have been at the church office Wed. and Thur and will go in later this morning as well.

Wednesday night I had a "girls night out" leaving Mara Kate home with Kane while I went to hang out with the girl who shares my job with me and one of her friends (a fellow church member). We had intended to do a Fall craft together, but Michael's didn't have the needed supplies, so we ended up just going back to her house, eating some yummy leftovers from her fridge and just chilling while watching America's Next Top I said, it was a girl's night and I very much enjoyed myself!

I guess nothing too exciting is happening this week, unless you can call a weekend with no plans exciting! :) Actually, I think we could both use a weekend just to be at home and be together, with no schedule or time restraints.

Tonight we are planning to rent and watch a movie after Mara Kate goes to bed and try to make it feel like a Friday night!

Here's Mara Kate yesterday. She likes to have her picture taken these days.
She was busy playing in her room before going with me to work.
She is wearing a cute shirt I got at the consignment sale I shop at twice a year...
I am sure I paid less than $2 for this top! Can't beat that!

*You may also notice in this picture, if you look closely, that her fingernails (& toenails) are painted. Something else we did one evening this week while Kane was working late. She LOVED it and kept saying, "More, more" when we were finished.


Jordana said...

what a true little girl! :-) how fun!! i hope that you enjoy your weekend of r and r!! :-)
mara kate is adorable! she sure is looking like a little girl instead of a baby girl!

Jeph and Heidi said...

What movie did y'all rent? :) I hope you had fun. Cute picture of a cute girl!