Thursday, October 04, 2007

Elmo Has Arrived!

Elmo has arrived into Mara Kate's world! Up until a few weeks ago she had NO idea what Sesame Street was or that Elmo even existed. Since starting my temporary job at the church Mara Kate has discovered Elmo! The office manager has a Tickle-Me-Elmo in her office and she showed it to Mara Kate. Mara Kate has been in-love ever since. She also thinks its great that Elmo is printed on her diapers and points him out every time we change her.

This past weekend while we were in Knoxville I went to a children's clothing and toy sale with my mother-in-law. I found a plush (but still laughs when tickled) Elmo stuffed animal for $3. We got him and took him back to Tuie and Papa Dog's house. Mara Kate was out when we arrived so we set him up outside on the back of one of the cars in the garage. When Mara Kate and Daddy got back home she spotted him right away---pointed and said ELMO!! Once he was in her arms she hugged, cuddled and kissed the poor thing over and over again. She had a great time toting him around her with all weekend but when we packed up to head back home we sadly forgot him. :(

Mara Kate started asking for him 0n the car ride home and was sad to find out he was still at Tuie and Papa Dog's house. When Papa Dog realized that we had accidentally left him behind he put him in a box marked for Mara Kate and sent him on his way via UPS. He arrived at our apartment Tuesday afternoon and I got word that he was down in our leasing office during Mara Kate's nap. While she was sound asleep I walked down to the office, picked up the package and placed Elmo in her bed with her while she was asleep.

Well, needless to say, she has been ONE HAPPY GIRL since Elmo has arrived!!!

Thanks to Papa Dog for sending him home---this week has been better because he is here. :)

Sound asleep and totally unaware who is sitting at her feet!

he pretty much goes with her wherever she go these days

Watching Baby Einstein---WITH Elmo!

A big kiss!


Dad said...

MK is really starting to look more and more like a kid, and less and less like a baby. Such a big girl!

Jordana said...

ah that's sweet!! :-) i love the pic with 4 paci's in her bed! :-)
and she really is looking like a big girl these days!

Dad said...

Enlarging both bed pictures, and looking from two different angles, I counted a total of NINE paci's in the bed, including the one in MK's mouth. I think that's an all-time record. (If that's correct)

Robert Kingston said...

Life without Seseme Street would be a tragic place. I've still got my Bert and Ernie soft toys from when I was young. But these days Elmo seems to be the main attraction.

After scratching my head and looking at the photos again - I've finally worked out what a 'paci' is. I'm Australian - and they're called Dummies down here.

Do Americans use the term "To spit the dummy"? Down here that means to throw a tantrum. Saying someone "spat the pacifier" just dosnt have the same ring.