Friday, September 07, 2007

A Wonderful Time

We are home!

Mara Kate and I have been in Kansas City this past week visiting many of my extended family. My sister Tara lives there now with her family so we called her house 'home base' and spent a lot of time there in the mornings and evenings. During the days we were pretty much on the go making the rounds to see all of our family that lives in the KC area. I got to see ALL of my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, went to the Kansas City Zoo, ate some excellent BBQ and Mexican food and just enjoyed seeing those people I love that I don't get to be with very often.

Mara Kate especially enjoyed spending 6 days straight with her cousins Alley, Liam and Dresden. I could tell she really looked up to Alley and would say her name immediately in the mornings when she woke up. She and Dresden made quite the pair running around with baby dolls, strollers and purses! It was so cute. They really played well together until the end of the week when they both were tired of sharing and pretty much didn't like anything the other one was doing. The last couple days we were there Tara and I heard each of them continually tell the other one "No, no, no!" It was sort of funny how "verbal" these little girls already are. :)

Overall, it really was a WONDERFUL trip. Last time I was in KC Mara Kate, Kane and I were all three sick with very bad colds, so it was nice to be feeling good this time and able to enjoy every minute to its fullest.

Although I am glad to be home and really enjoyed a good nights sleep back in my own bed, I do miss everyone in KC and it was a bittersweet feeling getting on the plane to come back homes yesterday--because I enjoyed the visit so much!

Thanks to Tara who housed and fed me much of the time I was there. Thanks for the good company and conversations as well. Thanks to everyone else for making time for us in your schedule so we could see so many in such a short time. We love you ALL!

For pics from our trip click here.


Susanna Rose said...


Now I know too how it feels to live away from family and as you say here, though it is good to get home it is also so hard to leave family!:)

P.S. good idea to post a link to your pictures instead of trying to post a bunch which takes so long!