Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Morning from Mara Kate

The pictures below were taken this morning before Kane left for work. Mara Kate was snuggled into one of our chairs enjoying a relaxing morning with her mommy and daddy.

This is the first morning this week we haven't felt like we were rushing around. The part time job I was scheduled to start after I return from my trip to Kansas City (MK and I fly out tomorrow morning) actually started this week. The girl I am helping out had her baby a week, Mara Kate and I have been at the church the past two days. If I wasn't trying to get ready to get out of town I would be there again today as well.

But, today has been set aside to run errands, do last minute laundry and well as have a good evening together as a family before Mara Kate and I leave for the next 6 days.

I know Kane will really miss us, but I'm sure he will enjoy Saturday having a day of down time before yet another busy week while we are gone. Now that this trip is upon us I am starting to get excited about seeing family I don't get to see very often. I am just praying for an empty flight so Mara Kate can have some room to move a bit and that she isn't afraid during the flight. She hasn't flown since she was a year old and she is MUCH more aware of things now.

Well, I guess that's about all of an update I have. When I get back from my trip I am sure I'll post some pics, so check back next week!

Blessings...and GOOD MORNING from our sweet MARA KATE!!


Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

Such great photos especially the on of her yawning! I know i have not seen her a while but I can't believe how big she is gettig. I am going out of town on wednesday for a while but when i get back i want to come visit you guys.