Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This summer our church sanctuary building was being remodeled so during the summer months our church met at another church building. This church had the neatest nursery with lots of painted canvases on the wall filled with colorful whimsical pictures along with scripture verses.

Although I had NEVER painted on a canvas before I loved the idea and snapped a few photos of the simple wall hangings all throughout their nursery---just to tuck away if I ever got up the courage to try something similar.

Several weeks ago I was feeling "artsy" so I went to Michael's and picked up a cheap set of paintbrushes and two blank canvases. They have been sitting in Mara Kate's closet still in the bag for over a month. I finally got online and read up on acrylic paints and how to best go about painting, mixing colors and cleaning the brushes. I wanted to have as much info as a beginner painter as possible, because I really wanted to create some homemade "artwork" for the walls in Mara Kate's room. This past Sunday I picked the brain of an experienced artist we go to church with. She gave me some REALLY great tips and the needed little bit of confidence to get me started. She told me I could use the really inexpensive "craft paint" that comes in the little squeeze bottles, which actually made this project affordable (at $0.50 a bottle--not bad).

Yesterday I made another trip to Michael's to pick out some fun colors and get what I needed to at least get started. I painted the backgrounds yesterday, penciled in my drawings last night and then painted them in this morning. Tonight while Kane is working and Mara Kate is sound asleep my creative juices started flowing once again and I put on the finishing touches...I am very pleased with the way these turned out and I can't wait to get them hung up in Mara Kate's room. :)

Here are pictures of my project!

The backgrounds

The beginnings of a butterfly

A little flower waiting to "bloom"


...the finished product


Tara said...

Very cute and inspiring! Michael and I were talking recently about getting Alley some canvases...maybe you can pass on your tips to her!

Jason and Kim Vinson said...

Great job and thanks for inspiring me! I'm sure Mara Kate loves them too. How beautiful!

Susanna Rose said...

I love them too are a person of many talents and it is inspiring to see you use them!:) How special for Mara Kate too and I'm sure those bible verses will always be special to her now.

Auntie Carol said...

Ok,now I'm really impressed! When you decide you are going to do something, not only do you do it but you do it so well!!!! I'm so proud of you!

maryanne helms said...

you told me the day I met up with you that you were going to tackle these paintings, and you did. Good job!!!