Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thankful for the Little Things

Urban living has many benefits, but it also has it's own challenges. One of the challenges I face often is getting things into our apartment from our car.
Living on the 4th floor in a city apartment and parking your car two levels lower in a parking garage connected to your building by a walking bridge isn't the most ideal situation when it comes to unloading and carrying in groceries. To make it more interesting, add getting an almost 2 year old and her belongings plus my own belongings (diaper bag, sippy cup, purse, mail, books, and formerly a baby car seat too) inside as well.

It can take 4+ trips in and out and up and down depending on how many bags I have to carry. It is also necessary that I make sure Mara Kate is in a safe place inside after the first trip so I can go back out and get the remaining things without her.

After 3 years of this routine---I have something new to be thankful for:

Introducing The "Hook N' Go"

This is what it looks like set up...this weird looking contraption can
carry at least 12 full bags of groceries at a time.

Holding 11 bags of groceries---
including several bags of canned goods and 2 gallons of milk.

I got all of this inside with only 1 trip! It easily rolls down the hall, onto the elevator, up two floors and right to our door. Mara Kate just walks along beside me as I roll it.

So, this little device has made my grocery shopping and life much easier. :)

Here it is folded up---its lightweight and fits neatly
in our trunk without taking up too much room.

Thank you to my sweet mother-in-law who found it awhile back and gave it to us just because---it is being put to good use!


Susanna Rose said...

Jana...where did your mother-in-law get this? It is so neat! Being in New York and not having a car, having to go up stairs, etc, WE COULD REALLY USE ONE TOO!:) Let me know if you get the chance!!

jana said...

Susanna, I will have to check with my mother in law---I am not sure where she found it...although, it doesn't go up stairs very easily---that's why I walk down to the elevator, but I am sure it would help with SOME of the lugging, even if you just had to make a couple trips up and down the stairs...I'll let you know the WHERE when I find out.