Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Go Braves!!

Since moving to Atlanta for grad school Kane and I have had a list of attractions we want to do/see while we live here. One of those was to go to an Atlanta Braves game.

We have lived here for over 3 years and last night we finally saw the Braves play at Turner Field for the first time! The season is almost over and last night was the ONLY night we had available to go before next, we made it happen! We called in a sweet friend to babysit and we went out to the ballgame! We had a blast too! I forgot how much I enjoy watching baseball in person and Kane and I had a really nice night out, just the two of us---a really fun and different date!

Welcome to Turner Field!

Funky dancing baseball head---pre-game festivities.

The field and also a view of downtown in the background---
yes, we really live in the midst of those buildings,
in a city big enough to have a major league baseball team.
Pretty cool!

At the start of the game---before the sun set. It was fairly BRIGHT for the first little bit.

Stadium seating---Go Braves. They won 4-3 against the Marlins.

It was Air Force night at Turner Field and they had several guys parachute from a plane directly onto the field---it was awesome!---also, we had a fly by by some fighter planes too! (Kane really enjoyed that part!)

Kane with his cracker jacks.

Me with my Coca-Cola and pizza slice--yumm!

The team!