Monday, September 17, 2007

Memories (and good habits) in the Making

Mara Kate is becoming quite the bookworm and has really taken to my routine lately of getting her a stack of children's books from the library every couple of weeks. She LOVES to sit in ANYONE'S lap and listen to them read, read, read. As Kane mentioned to me this weekend it isn't an unusual thing for him to sit with Mara Kate and read her entire library of books in one sitting. She simply loves it, and we love that she loves it.

She will come up to Kane or me and say, "book" and keep repeating it (wonder where she gets that kind of determination from?!) until one of us agrees to sit with her. She also enjoys just looking through the pages of her books on her own sometimes---and she just babbles as she turns the pages..."reading" to herself.

Here are a couple pics of her with her daddy--a frequent happening before bedtime around the Barker household. Precious.


Dad said...

I'm looking forward to some "Grandpa reading time" next time we get together. (I hope it's not too far in the future!)

Susanna Rose said...

Cute! Micah's still into animal picture books and animal sounds..can't wait till he is interested in actual story books!:)