Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Little Cook

This little "play kitchen" has been sitting in a random storage area at our church's office for quite awhile just taking up room and I was told today that I could take it home with me if I wanted it. It is pretty old, a little scratched up and was pretty dirty when I loaded it into my trunk, but I figured I could get it cleaned up enough to let Mara Kate get some enjoyment out of it.

So, I brought it home, cleaned it from top to bottom and put her little set of pots and pans on the stove top. From the moment we walked in the door she has been heating, microwaving and baking lots of imaginary things in her new little kitchen. The kitchen is also equipped with a little yellow phone (now cordless since the cord was broken and frayed so I just removed the remaining part and figured it was time the little kitchen was updated a bit anyway). :)

Here are some pictures of MK enjoying her new hand-me-down. The nice thing is that since it was free I won't feel bad passing it on and donating it somewhere else when she and I both grow tired and bored with it.

But for now, it's great fun!!


Dad said...

MK wants to be like her Mom. How cute. She sees you cook and wants to imitate you. She looks like she is having great fun!