Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Deals

Mara Kate is SET for this Fall and Winter. I have been given several cute outfits and shoes from family and friends that will work well and this past weekend I hit a consignment sale here in Atlanta to finish off her wardrobe needs for the coming cooler weather. I have been to this sale several times and I always find some fun things at great prices to bring Mara Kate through the next season. This past Saturday my sister and her family came to town and Heidi and I went together and bought for all our kids. Mara Kate and Grant stayed at home with their daddies and played while we were gone. We took Olivia with us and she rode in a baby Snugli while we shopped. Olivia literally slept the entire way to the sale, the two hours we were there and the entire way home.

On a side note: Is it ok to ask God for a baby like this next time?!

Anyway, we both found some really cute things and now I am very excited for the weather to cool off so Mara Kate can start wearing some of the cute items I have ready for her in her closet.

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite finds---and the steals they were by buying them during the "half-price" day of the sale.

Red "holiday" top with navy velveteen pants.
Brand: Talbots, Price: $5.00

Green velveteen jumper
Brand: Gap, Price $4.25

Plaid jumper
Price: $2.00

This was my splurge of the day: Navy corduroy jumper
with coordinating turtle neck, bloomers and leather purse.
I admit this was partly an emotional buy---bought knowing Mara Kate
would LOVE to have a little purse to carry to church.
Brand: Gymboree, Price $17 (for 4 pieces)

Leather dress shoes---these won't fit until next Fall, but at $2.00 I couldn't pass them up.

Double breasted jacket- Price $2.50

"Fashion Top" Price- $2.00


Heather said...

oh my goodness, the green jumper, little shoes, and pea coat are all SO precious. Josh and I are kind of hoping to have a boy for our first child, but little girls' clothing is SOOO cute!! I think I am leaning either way. :-)