Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall Fever

These tags were a sweet gift from my sister-in-law, Elizabeth.

A few days last week it was actually a bit chilly when we woke up. Of course the temperature was up in the 80's by mid-afternoon, but those few minutes in the morning made me get really excited about Fall.

Excited enough to get inspired to do a sewing project that had everything to do with the approaching season. So, while we were out and about last weekend I stopped in a fabric store to browse. They had an entire rack of cozy corduroy that was perfect for what I was wanting to make. I found a bolt of rich chocolate brown fabric that was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to make something warm and cozy for Mara Kate to wear to church in the coming months. I picked out a simple pattern for a jumper and got the coordinating thread, zipper, etc. I worked on it a bit last weekend and then tucked it away until I had some more free time. Yesterday our car was in the shop and I was off from work so I pulled my sewing machine out once more.

After putting in a call to my mother-in-law with a sewing question, I worked on the jumper here and there a little bit throughout the day in between reading books, changing diapers, making meals, and walking down to get the mail with Mara Kate (a highlight of her day). Kane was working last night so I had some time after Mara Kate went to bed to take care of the finishing touches. I finished it about 30 minutes before Kane walked in the door...and I am happy with the result!