Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yesterday my good friend Sarah was in Atlanta for the day/night and called to see if we wanted to hang out. They were staying in a fun hotel downtown and invited us over to spend the afternoon. Sarah has 2 little girls and I always love the chance for Mara Kate to play with them as well as the chance to catch up with Sarah.

We did have a nice visit in between taking care of the very active, playful little girls--but it was so nice to see them all.

It was also nice to take a little break from packing and thinking about moving and just hang out and swim and play and have fun.

Here are a couple pictures of our time together yesterday.

Mara Kate, Gemma and Lily.
Gemma and Mara Kate accidentally matched, but it was so cute!


Gemma and Mara Kate


Betsy said...

wow, how cute!