Thursday, June 21, 2007

1 Week

In one week from today we will be MOVING! We have most things packed, except for those things we use basically everyday and we will pack those the night before we move. I am feeling a bit anxious, but mostly excited and VERY thankful for everyone who has promised to help us in some form or fashion (Katie and Spencer, Andria, Bobbi Jo, Patrick and Laren, etc.).

Also, I think I have almost everything on hand that I need for our upcoming beach trip. I have purchased sunscreen, a couple "beach/sand toys for MK as well as a cute cover-up for myself--fun! Yesterday I went to the library and picked up a few books for me and Kane to take to read at the beach. I also checked out some picture/board books for Mara Kate as well...even one about two little kitty's at the beach. :)

Today I am packing for Mara Kate and I because we head out in the morning to go to Knoxville for a fast trip. I committed to help my mother in law coordinate a wedding reception, so I will be gone all weekend, while Kane stays home to do some last minute things here to continue preparing for our move.

When I get home I know I will feel like I am in HIGH gear---and I know I will be ready to get our stuff into our new place so I can hopefully sometime soon get all the boxes out of our living space.

Just wanted to give a little update----hope everyone else is having a good week!

Just a few of our boxes


Carrie Cornett said...

Will be praying for a safe and happy move! If we ever move, I am going to call you in as chief coordinator! IMPRESSIVE! :-)