Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Life-- In Pictures

A few posts back I asked for people to request pictures for me to post on my blog that give a little window into my life and world. Since I only got 1 comment on that post, I will post her requests. If anyone else has any requests let me know. :)

For Becca my sole commenter/requester, who asked for:

-wedding pics
-your favorite room/area in your house
-something you made/arranged/created in your home that expresses your personality
-your favorite outfit of MK's

Something that I made/arranged/created in my home that expresses my personality:

My container garden

$5 table I bought at a garage sale and then painted with this finish---
I just love this little table and it is SO me!

A close up of the finish

My favorite outfit of MK's:

This is ONE of my favorite outfits...and she just happened
to be wearing it today when I was taking pictures.
(this dress is sized 6-12 months, but fits her perfectly right now at 17 months of age--go figure!)

Another of my favorites. Again, something that fits her just right and during the right season it was intended for too! (sometimes hard to find sometimes!). Is is LINEN and we get compliments every time she wears it. So cute!

OK, this wasn't on the list, but I wanted to share it anyway.
It is MK's new diaper bag...and it is my favorite accessory.
I got this bag at Target and it is actually a purse. I then took it to a monogram shop and had her initials monogrammed on it. It is just SO cute and perfect for spring and summer.

My favorite room/area in our house:

This isn't necessarily my FAVORITE room, but it is one where I spend a lot of my time!

My favorite spot in our apartment---on the couch. Spending time with Kane in the evenings or smocking, reading, watching TV, talking on the phone...and right there in the middle is where I usually sat for hours and hours when Mara Kate was smaller nursing her.
Such sweet memories have been made right here!

And finally,

Wedding pics:

These pics are digital shots of regular prints, so please excuse any flash issues and fuzziness. It's the best I could do at the moment! :)

My bridal portrait

Me with my flower girl and ring bearer (niece, Alley and nephew Liam)
(in my mind these children haven't grown since this picture---even though in reality they are both almost 3 years older now than they were here).


Just Married!

Our Rings and my bouquet

Kane's grooms cake. Notice all the chemistry equations. :)---so HIM!

Our lovely wedding cake. My mother in law made it and I LOVED it!
(Thanks Tuie!)

One of my favorite pictures. A random pic of me with my
sisters, cousins, niece and grandparents.

So, there you have it! :)


Heather said...

I forgot to comment about this! I was hoping to see what plants you have out on your patio - so I guess the container garden covered it - but do you have more? I'm getting ideas for what to do with our little patio area.

MK is so incredibly cute!

Not-as-Newlyweds said...

Thanks for posting the pics. What is it about pictures that we all love? I'm curious about the thermometer goal on the fridge--big goals in sight? :)

Susanna Rose said...

Oh Jana, I wish I had seen this post earlier! I love that one of your favorite dresses for Mara Kate is one that we got her (or is it just similar perhaps?) It looks adorable on her regardless!!:) I also love that monogrammed purse...what a good idea to go out and get it monogrammed! How much does that cost? Well, a very fun post!