Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Good Way to Spend a Hot Day!

Yesterday was VERY hot here in Atlanta and Katie and I decided to stroll the girls down to the fountains at Centennial Olympic Park. The fountains shoot up and down and kids run through them soaking and completely amusing themselves. We lotioned the girls up and put them in their bathing suits and off we went. They weren't quite as active as some of the older kids there, but they both got WET and clapped their hands while watching the fountain. After awhile they sort of warmed up to the idea, so it turned out to be a really fun outing. Of course, Katie and I talked and caught up which we need to do so it was really fun for us. Below are some pictures of out time.

This first picture is NOT of our outing yesterday, but instead is from the very first time Katie and I took our girls out together...I just wanted to show the contrast and how they have both grown up so much.

Ella Ann and Mara Kate

And yesterday...Mara Kate and Ella Ann

Katie and Ella Ann

Mara Kate quite wet!

Me with Ella Ann and Mara Kate inside one of the fountain rings

Two cute little girls in awe of the water shooting straight up!

...and enjoying it!

SO fun!

The water/music show at the park


Anonymous said...

haha that is adorable!

i love the one where mara kate is drinking and has her hip all popped out. such attitude =)


Katie said...

These pics are so good! I'll snatch them for myself! I had SO much fun with you 2 yesterday and cannot wait to do it again soon! Ohh and I loved the old vs. new picture of them....they are getting too old!! :(


Andria said...

That looked like SOOO much fun! Diego would go crazy in the fountains so we'll have to plan another outing soon! What a special bond MK and EA will have as they grow up together - they will absoltely love to hear all about their baby days together!