Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Brithday, Babe!

Today is Kane's birthday! He is turning 25! (Today is also my niece, Dresden's 2nd birthday---Happy Birthday to you too, sweet girl!)

I made Kane his favorite dessert (chocolate mint brownies), but we actually broke into them last night because we had a dear friend over for supper and thought it was a good enough reason to start eating them!

Mara Kate and I are heading over to pic Kane up a little later on and take him to lunch for his birthday. I will give him the gifts I have for him while we are at lunch and then this evening we are heading up to Knoxville to spend the night with his mom and dad. His mom is planning to make him a "Birthday Breakfast" tomorrow morning and then we'll be heading a bit further north to spend the weekend with my family. We will also be celebrating my nephew Grant's 2nd birthday and just enjoying time with my family.

SO, Kane, if you are reading this! I want you to have a great day!!! :) Love you!


Susanna Rose said...

Cute picture of you both! Happy birthday Kane!:)