Saturday, May 26, 2007


We are back from Birmingham. It was a fast, but fun trip. We had a good time at the dessert social last night (honoring Patrick and Laren) and then celebrated today by attending the Samford Graduation Ceremony and watched as Patrick and Laren both received their degrees.

After the ceremony we had lunch and then met back up with the graduates for a little visit. Right before heading back home Patrick took us over to see their new apartment complex ---it will be their first home as a married couple. They won't be moving in for a couple months yet, but it was still fun to SEE where they will live after their wedding.

Awww, Patch is really growing up!

Way to go Patrick and Laren---it was great to see you both!

Mara Kate with her Uncle Patch--she sure loves this guy!

Proud parents, proud graduate and proud niece!

The Barker Boys

The new place!


Rick said...

Wow, thats scary how much Kane and his brother look alike. I would put a snotty comment here... but since it is Jana's blog I'll behave =)