Friday, May 25, 2007

And It Begins...

A crazy, busy Summer that is.

This Summer will be a bit crazy around here. Today we have Mara Kate's 18 month check up and then we will be heading to Birmingham this afternoon to go to a Dessert Social for Kane's brother and fiance. Tomorrow morning is their graduation.

Here are the things that currently grace my calendar for the next 3 months:

Trip to Birmingham for:
-Engagement Dessert Social
-Samford Graduation

Trip to Knoxville for:
-Engagement Dinner Party
-Bridal Shower

Trip to Bristol for:
-Baby Shower (for Heidi)

-Father's Day

Trip to Knoxville for:
Coordinating a wedding reception with mother-in-law

-A possible MOVE to a different/bigger apartment (still waiting to find out about this one)

-Beach vacation

Trip to Bristol for:
-birth of Heidi's baby--chance to meet new niece!!!

-my birthday

Trip to Birmingham for:
-Patrick and Laren's wedding

-Six Flags (for anniversary)
-Overnight stay at Callaway Gardens (for anniversary)

-September---MK and I will hopefully be able to make a trip to KC to visit my older sister as well as all my other extended family---we'll see if we can work this out. (If we do it before MK's birthday she goes free, so I want to take advantage of that if at all possible)

So---yeah, I feel a bit tired already. At least most of what we have planned will be enjoyable and fun! Does everyone else have a busy summer ahead?


Heather said...

Whoa, that is a ton of stuff! But good stuff. I hope the bigger apartment works out!

We have two weddings in Bristol, I'll be having surgery sometime in late June/early July, and then I'm going to Minneapolis in July for a conference. Sadly we didn't jump on plane tickets soon enough so Josh can't go. :-/

Andria said...

Wow Jana, quite an agenda you have! But like you said, it sounds like a lot of fun. Your blessed that Mara Kate is so good and enjoys traveling and being out and about!
We don't have a very busy summer planned - a trip to California in June and hopefully a romantic gettaway in August and that's it! I look forward to doing a lot of things with Diego around the city -museums, parks, swim classes, etc.
Have a wonderful weekend away and we'll see you at the picnic on Sunday!