Monday, April 16, 2007

Women's Retreat---We survived!

This past weekend I attended our church Women's Retreat, which was at a retreat center in Norcross, GA (about 45 minutes from home). We arrived Friday night and left Sunday morning and headed straight to church for the normal worship service.

The weekend theme was learning more how to find wisdom in a crowd. Our wonderful speaker was Dr. Kathleen Nielson (wife of the President of Covenant College) and she helped us see so clearly the importance of wisdom, how wisdom is expressed (through WORDS) and how to find it.

The main thing I brought away from this weekend was that wisdom is only found in Christ (and in the Word). Sounds simple, but is so true. We were reminded that in a culture like ours it is SO important to know the Word because many voices around us claim to be true, but are not and we must know the Word and Christ in order to navigate and identify those voices that ultimately lead to death rather than life, even though so many of them sound inviting and promising and very close to what the true voice of wisdom has to say.

This weekend was also a wonderful weekend of building relationships with new friends and deepening relationships with old ones. I was blessed to room with 3 other young moms. We all have children 18 months or younger and we all only have 1 child (although 2 are expecting). We talked about birthing, mothering, nursing, weaning, discipline and learning how to teach our little ones of the great God we love and serve.

This was the first time I have left Mara Kate over night and thankfully the same was true of one of my roommates---so we were able to sympathize with one another. Mara Kate did really well and Kane was a great daddy and took wonderful care of her. They played at home, napped and also ran out and did some errands. She was even dressed well for church on Sunday in a dress with a matching diaper cover as well as dressy lacy socks and shoes--although, he did not attempt to put a bow in her hair. :)

I checked in a few times throughout the weekend by phone and Kane and I were both pleasantly surprised that Mara Kate did better that BOTH of us expected. I really enjoyed getting to know Andria, Ruth and Susanna better and we all had fun having "girl time" late into the evenings both nights we were there. I came home spiritually refreshed and refocused and physically exhausted and desperately in need of a nap! Kane graciously let me take part of the afternoon (ok, well really ALL of the afternoon) to catch up a little, but finally did wake me up after I had napped for a good 3 1/2 hours. I felt like I could have slept at least 3 more, but I went to bed early and slept really well last night and feel as good as new this morning.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend and my roommates--love you guys!

Our common room for sessions, small groups and games! :)

Mrs. Friesen, Andria and Katy

Susanna and Kyung

Me, Ruth (and baby), Andria (and baby) and Susanna


Susanna Rose said...

We did survive and it was a great time! I thought the 4 of us were perfect roommates and the weekend was a real blessing for me too!:)

Susanna Rose said...


I don't know if my sister answered your question about the Target Dollar store section but it is at the front of the store and it is AWESOME...I get really neat stuff there all the time and it is usually alot nicer than stuff you'd find in a regular dollar store. You must start checking it out!:)

Love Susanna