Friday, April 20, 2007

Springtime, Outdoors and Exercise

I think Spring is finally here to stay! It was so warm a few weeks ago that I packed up all of Mara Kate's warmer things and unpacked and organized all of her cute clothes for the Spring and Summer. After another couple weeks of long sleeved shirts and long pants I think we are finally able to enjoy the warmth once again.

Lately we have really been taking advantage of the pretty days and have tried to get outside at least for a little while each afternoon. With the little play area right outside our door and our little patio we have several options for outdoor fun without even leaving home---which is great!

Another thing we have been trying to do this week is walk over to Kane's office in the afternoons when he is ready to come home and then walk back with him. This activity has proved to be a great option for exercise because by late in the afternoon Mara Kate and I are BOTH ready to get out and move around and it is fun to know we are walking with a destination and purpose (rather than just around the block several times). This time of day the sidewalks downtown and also on the Tech campus are busy and bustling with students heading back to their dorm rooms after a long day of classes and also business people walking to the Marta station or wherever heading back home after a full day on the job. Kane has enjoyed having the company on his normal walk home and I am really enjoying having a good reason to get out and get some extra exercise. I hope this is something we will do often throughout the Spring and even into the summer.

Also, this week I introduced Mara Kate to the existence of BUBBLES!! :) The first few I blew she watched intently and then after awhile she loosened up, squealed with joy every time they came floating her way and finally began to "chase" them with her hands. It is SO fun watching a little person experience something for the first time. That is one of my FAVORITE parts of being a parent---getting to watch new discoveries happen everyday! :)

Happy Spring!


Susana P. said...

Una maravillosa familia.
Saludos desde EspaƱa...

heidi said...

A wonderful family...
Greetings from Virginia :)