Friday, April 13, 2007

Playground Fun

Last night before Mara Kate went to bed we decided to take her out to play at the tiny playground outside near our apartment complex parking lot. It is basically a slide, a few steps and a couple other little things. Not a very impressive play area if you ask me, but Mara Kate loved it. She isn't afraid at all of going down the slide and the instant we sit her down at the top she tries to scoot herself forward on her own until she slides down!

She also loved turning the "steering wheel" they have attached to one side and we told her she was driving just like mommy and daddy do! She thought she was big stuff! She fussed when we came back inside and now she points to the play area everytime we walk past it to go out to the car or get the mail.


heidi said...

Wow...she's growing up so fast--which is both exciting and a little sad, too. I'm glad you have something right there for her to play on this summer..even if there's not much to it. Hope you have a fun weekend with the girls :) (Jana I mean, not Kane :)

Dad said...

Mara Kate seems to be developing a fear nothing, do everything "Jana type" personality. I love it!

Carrie Cornett said...

Oh, look at your pretty pictures and warm weather! I'm envious! Such a pretty girl! LOVE her shoes! :-)