Monday, April 23, 2007

Fun with Friends

Yesterday afternoon was BEAUTIFUL and we decided to meet our friends the Jensen's over at Piedmont Park. As many of you know Katie and Spencer's little girl Ella Ann is only 11 days older than Mara Kate and have been friends and playmates pretty much since birth. It has been great fun watching them grow side by side and learn new things. At first they were so little and didn't even really know the other one existed and then they acted like they really didn't care. Just recently though, now that they are both walking, much more mobile and at such a fun age they are actually beginning to "play" together! :) Here are some pictures of our time at the park---just soaking in the gorgeous weather and enjoying some fun time with some good friends!

Mara Kate and Ella Ann --- both about 17 months old!

Mara Kate

Ella Ann

Both girls romped around in the grass, pointed and looked at the MANY dogs around us at the park, played "ball" and also enjoyed just sitting and playing on the blanket. It was a great afternoon!


Katie said...

Yeay! I love the pictures! We had such a good time with you all yesterday too! Thanks for hanging with us, we'll have to do it again soon!


Dad said...

I am so glad that you have such a nice park nearby. I'm also glad you have friends who have a little girl the same age as yours so they can play. It sounds like you had a really great day.