Friday, April 20, 2007

Centennial Place Spring Festival

This evening our apartment complex hosted a Spring Festival. We decided we'd check it out and it turned out to be really fun!

They had BBQ that was actually really good (for not being from Kansas City). They also had a clown doing face painting, 2 big moon walks for bigger kids, free "train" and pony rides as well as a masseuse giving free 15 minute chair massages. I took FULL advantage of that while Kane took Mara Kate for another train ride and also just ran around in the grass. We all partook in the pony/horse rides and Mara Kate ended up liking it too, even though she acted a bit scared at first.

We talked to several of our neighbors and just enjoyed our time outdoors!

Mara Kate showing her "silly face"!


On the pony

Another horse ride with Daddy

Walking, walking, walking!


Dad said...

I can see in these pictures that MK has grown a lot since we saw her last. Looking forward to seeing her (and, of course, her parents also) again very soon!!!