Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sweet Gift, Sweet Giver

Our dear friend from church, Bobbi Jo (a.k.a. Mara Kate's honorary aunt in Atlanta) recently returned from a 3 week trip to India. She was thinking about Mara Kate while she was away and brought her back this cute little outfit. Bobbi Jo--thanks so much for all the little things you have given Mara Kate over the past months. You are so sweet to her.
When Bobbi Jo gave this to me at church this morning I thought it would be big on Mara Kate and maybe fit her this summer...but, as you can see, it fits her very well already!


Anonymous said...

Jana, That picture reminds me of Robin's han bok from Korea that we picked up at the Culture Camp when she was around 3 years old. Now she's an old married lady.

Anonymous said...

aww! what a cutie. =) i can't believe how big she is!! i'm sooo glad you keep up with this blog since i never get to see her. hopefully soon!!