Monday, March 19, 2007

Family Fun

Yesterday afternoon we decided to do something different and fun. We went over to the Georgia Tech Recreation Center and spent part of our Sunday afternoon in their leisure pool. The lifeguard graciously let Mara Kate use a float just right for her size. She took to the pool and water immediately and really enjoyed floating around. They also have a small "lazy river" where you can float through and are pushed along with the current. Mara Kate went through that several times and Kane and I also took turns going down the big water slide while the other one of us would stay with Mara Kate and watch the other one of us shoot out of the slide at the bottom. We ALL had a blast and since it is free to use the pool with our membership we plan to go back as often as we can in the future.

Tech water slide---very fun!

Kane and Mara Kate in the "lazy river"

Mara Kate sitting in a big girl chair :)


Jordana said...

wow...makes me wish for summer time!!!! looks like you guys had a wonderful time! :-)