Tuesday, July 11, 2006

8 Days On the Go

Day 1:
Since last Sunday afternoon Mara Kate and I have been "on the go". Last Sunday Kane drove us up to Chattanooga to meet up with his sister and brother in law. We met up, had a quick Frosty and then headed on to Knoxville. Before arriving in Knoxville the 4 of us (Eliz, Choonghwan, MK and I) stopped in Athens, TN for a little visit with Aunt Pat. Then back on the road again and we arrived in Knoxville early evening.

Day 2:
On Monday we spent the day in Knoxville with Tuie, Papa Dog, Eliz and Choonghwan. The "big kids" went out on the boat while Tuie and Mara Kate went grocery shopping and back home to cook and hang out. We enjoyed a yummy supper with Daddo and Mimi. Tuie, Eliz and I decided to catch a late show and went to see The Devil Wears Prada. Mara Kate was sleeping soundly at home while Papa Dog watched her.

Day 3:
On Tuesday Mara Kate and I headed further north to Bristol to spend a few days with my family. Since Tuesday was the 4th of July my dad grilled up some tasty BBQ chicken and we had a typical Burton 4th of July feast. That evening the kids got to play with sparklers and also watch a pretty firework show my parents neighbors put on.

Wednesday Tara and her kids came over to Heidi's and we hung out in the morning then we met my parents for lunch at La Caretta (a must when I am in Bristol). That evening my parents came over to Heidi's house (where I was staying) and we played a game of Bohnanza---our new favorite card game. :)

Day 5:
Thursday was the day I decided to get out my camera---so there are pictures below. Thursday morning Heidi and I went to Tara's for lunch and to visit while she was packing and getting ready for her big move to KC. After lunch Heidi and I took Grant and Mara Kate to a community pool. It was Grant's first time in the water and he tried to swim away--he enjoyed it very much. Mara Kate also likes the water and also "sun bathing" as you can see in the picture below.

Heidi and Grant

Mara Kate sunbathing

Thursday evening everyone came back over to Heidi's to just visit and hang out. It was a fun last night in town.

Mara Kate enjoying some time with her Grandpa

Bath time in Aunt Heidi's kitchen sink

The oldest cousins hanging out with the youngest (Liam, Mara Kate and Alley)

Aunt Tara with Mara Kate

Dresden and Mara Kate. Dreseden's lack of expression is what we call a "mug shot".
This is what 7 months difference in age looks like between a 14 month old and a 7 month old.

Mom making her famous cheesecake...yumm!

Grant cruising by my camera. It was hard to get him to look my way---he was so busy playing with his toy car.

Thank you Heidi and Jeph for your hospitality---it is always a joy to stay with you when I am in town.

Day 6:
Friday Mara Kate and I headed back to Knoxville. Kane was driving up Friday afternoon after a VERY long and hard week of work while we were away. Mara Kate and I went to a small Farmer's Market with Tuie and got some FRESH summer vegetables. We ate a veggie supper with corn bread that evening. It was so yummy and really hit the spot. I have learned that I like fried OKRA! Kane and his dad went to the movies after supper Friday evening and Mara Kate and I stayed with Tuie and just visited together.

Day 7:
Saturday morning Kane, Mara Kate and I went with Papa Dog (Kane's Dad) to Hardees to meet up with Opa (Kane's grandfather, Mara Kate's great-grandfather) for a breaskfast visit. It was good to catch up with Opa and let him see just how fast Mara Kate is growing.

A 4 generation picture Great Grandfather, Opa; Grandfather, Papa Dog; Father, Kane; Daughter, Mara Kate

Saturday afternoon we hit the lake again. This time with Kane and Mara Kate. We learned that a boat and a lake isn't a fun place for a 7 month old. Mara Kate didn't like it very much, so we weren't out very long.

Mara Kate's first boat ride. She wasn't too fond of her bulky life jacket.

Day 8:
Sunday morning we went to church with Kane's parents. After church we had a big family lunch with Kane's aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. It was a lot of fun for everyone to be together and visit.
Mara Kate with her Grand Mimi

Sunday afternoon we packed up and headed back home. It was a very BUSY but good week visiting family. Now we are home and playing "catch up" around here......phew!


Rick Capezza said...

That white dress with the red/orange/pink trim is sooo cute.

Dad said...

It was really great to be part of your whirlwind world tour. It's always good to see you and MK even when it doesn't work out for Kane to be with you. Miss ya already!!

Katie said...

I admire you for your willingness to make a grand tour of the U.S. with a 7-month-old! I know your families REALLY appreciated your visits! Looks like you all had a fantastic time! Mara Kate looks SO cute (I love the white button up dress with the red trim) and had the most fun of all! :) Can't wait to catch up!

lisa said...

jana!! mara kate is absolutely adorable. she's getting so big. i can't believe how much dresden looks like tara's baby pictures that i've seen =)