Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just Life

I haven't posted in awhile. I guess I've been busy just living life. This past weekend was fun...we had a visit from my sister, brother-in-law and nephew (Heidi, Jeph and Grant). Some of their friends from Arizona were in town as well so we shared them with Dave and Julie some of the time they were here. We played one of our favorite games, Bohnanza as well as munching on some of Jeph's great salsa and guacamole. Kane and I got to babysit Grant while Heidi and Jeph went out to dinner with Dave and Julie and Heidi, Julie and I made a run to Atlantic Station, one of the new shopping areas in downtown.

Over the weekend Mara Kate came down with a cough and cold and is still getting over it. She had been sleeping better the past week, but not so well this week due to not feeling well, I am sure. So currently I am mommying a clingy, tired, sick baby girl.

Kane has been very busy working on his original proposal project and trying to move ahead with that. He has been working late hours and Mara Kate and I have gone to his office a couple times to take him supper and visit with him for a bit. I feel like we haven't seen to much of one another lately, but that's just a season that will end in the next couple months---just have to endure times like this.

Some upcoming events in our life include a trip to Knoxville (with hopefully some "boat time") and Bristol (with hopefully some of dad's yummy BBQ chicken) in the next weeks as well as coordinating the rehearsal/ceremony for a friends upcoming wedding here in Atlanta...we are so excited for you B!

So, not much of importance to post at the moment. Just wanted to let everyone know we are still alive and kicking---maybe there will be some more interesting posts to come in the near future.

Current Random Info:

*For supper tonight-- Southwestern Chicken Salads

*Mara Kate turned 7 months old YESTERDAY (6-27-06)

*It is HOT and HUMID in Atlanta

*Our 2 year anniversary is in less than a month (hard to believe)

*My container garden is flourishing and adds much beauty to our otherwise boring patio


Becca K. said...

Do I *ever* remember the days of taking meals to Matt down at the lab and only having time together at worship on Sundays!! I'm glad you can see a light at the end of the tunnel; and you're right, it IS for only a season.

Glad you all are doing well, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your trips. :)


heidi said...

Hey Guys! We really enjoyed our time with y'all. I'm sorry Mara Kate isn't feeling very good :( Southwestern Salads...yumm :)