Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pediatrician Procured

I have one more thing checked off my "pre-baby" to do list. Today I went and interviewed a pediatrician. The meeting went well and I feel really good about having this doctor be our baby's doctor.

One of the things I had to do before I deliver was to find a pediatrician who would come to the hospital where I am delivering and examine the baby after it is born. We will not be able to take the baby home from the hospital until it has been looked over by it's pediatrician.

So, I took my little list of questions with me and went to the office where only children are seen. They schedule their pediatrician consultations as the last appointments of the day---and I did feel a little out of place walking in there with a pregnant belly rather than with a baby in a carseat or stroller (like everyone else in the waiting room).

The meeting went well and all my questions were answered and I feel good knowing that this little task is taken care of.

It's amazing all the things a person will do when preparing to be a mother that they never would have thought about or done otherwise--fun times! :)


Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

Glad to see things continue to develop and you were able to get the appointment and your questions answered. It was great taking pictures yesterday (thanks for letting me practice with you :-) ) and spending time catching up. There are a few pictures I just love of you. I will get them on a CD asap for you.

Dad said...

You're already being a good mommy. I knew you would be!!!

Jordana said...

So glad that it worked out well! :-)
i'm know it's good to have that behind you and know that your baby has a Dr! hope you other appointment went well!

Susanna Rose said...

You're sooo prepared Jana! Good job!(=