Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fun Times

My friend Betsy came to visit me this week---we haven't really hung out in a long time--probably almost a year, so it was really nice just to visit and catch up. She arrived Monday afternoon and we spent the afternoon talking and cooking. We made white chicken chili (yumm) and cormbread.

Yesterday we sort of ran around Atlanta doing a bit of exploring. We hit IKEA (of course), the Farmer's Market, Starbucks and rounded the day off by going to Betsy's Aunt's house (who lives near Stone Mountain) for supper. It was fun visiting with "Aunt Alice" and I think Betsy is very excited about the spices she got at the Farmer's market and I am just thrilled with some neat little candle holders I bought at IKEA (I plan to use them at Christmas as part of my decor).

With just over a month until my due date I really welcomed the opportunity to visit with a friend and be distracted for a few days from waiting on this baby's arrival. I still have a list of things I need to do before the baby comes, but I think I have a little time to do them---so, before I get too busy, I think my bed is calling my name....I think it's nap time. :)

Betsy--thanks for making the trip down. I really enjoyed our visit and I cherish our friendship!


Betsy said...

i had a great time! Thank YOU!

Dad said...

Jana, Enjoy this time now while you can just go take a nap without having to get the baby to sleep first, who may be crying because he or she is hungry/wet/bored/not feeling well or any combination of the above. Hope you had a good nap!!

Mom said...

Jana, I am glad you and Betsy got to spend some time together. Enjoy the naps while you can! :]

Kathryn said...

Amen to the "Enjoy the naps while you can" sentiment.

Your freedom to take a nap on YOUR terms is about to end - oh how I miss those days!!!!!!