Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Clean Bill of Health

I just got back from my monthly doctor appointment. I picked up Kane from school on the way so he could be with me.

Everything went well and the doctor measured my belly and also listened for the heartbeat. She said my belly measurement was, "right on the money" and from the heartbeat she said it sounds like we have a "champ" in there!

My next appointment is when I will have my diabetes glucose test and also my Rohgam (sp?) shot. We found out today that Kane's blood type is B+, so with mine being A- that means I have to get a shot at 28 weeks to protect the baby from my blood in case it's blood is positive like daddy's.

After my next appointment I will start going every 2 weeks, rather than just once a month.

Pregnancy Update:

  • I am 164 days or 23 weeks pregnant.
  • I have about 17 weeks to go and am about 57.5% of the way there (according to
  • The baby weighs about 1 lb. 6oz and is about 11.5 inches from head to toe.
  • The baby's nostrils are open and the movements that are practice for breathing outside the womb have begun.
  • The baby's visual and auditory systems are watching for light and listening to my heart beating and my stomach growling (which it is doing right now!)


Kane said...

It is still so neat to hear the baby's heartbeat and feel kicks. We are so blessed to be taking part in this miracle.

Jordana said...

So awesome that everything is going great for you 2!! I just love the miracle sounds of baby heartbeats in utero! Your precious baby is going to be here before you realize it! :-)

Heidi said...

I think it starts to go by SO fast when you're seeing your doctor every 2 wks...I never made it to my once-a-week appointments though. I went into labor 2 days before my first one! Because I went early, it's hard to imagine going through the entire 9 months! I will really be admiring you--especially those last 3 wks that I didn't live through!

Tara said...

this is a very special time..we are all looking forward to meeting our new little family member! (and I finally get to be an aunt to TWO babies, too!)

Mom said...

Jana, I am so glad your checkups are so good. That is wonderful. I am so excited about meeting this new grandchild. I am glad I will get to be there to help you too! I can't wait! Love, Mom

Mattyc said...

Ok so as I was reading your stats...I read "164 days" as 164 WEEKS...heh...I'm glad you're not 164 weeks pregnant.

jana said...

Matthew--all I can say is...ME TOO!

Paul said...

Glad you enjoyed your tour of the Hosp. Might I take this opertunity to recommend a spin thru the LAB, especially the immunology dept. The sights there are especially exciteing.

Hope all goes well with the baby.