Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Case of the Missing Mitt...


I have this oven mitt; well, I HAD this oven mitt that I really like. The only problem is that I can't find it.

Kane was not home at the time I realized it was missing so I thought maybe he moved it or stuck it somewhere on accident. So, I proceeded to look in all the other drawers in my kitchen--but to no avail. When Kane got home I asked him about it---and he had no clue either.

So, we BOTH looked---we have searched our apartment from top to bottom looking for this silly oven mitt. I have looked in random places such as the vegetable drawer in the fridge, the freezer, the dryer and behind the couch. What really puzzles me is 1) our apartment isn't that big--and there aren't that many places to hide 2) we do not have any young
mischievous children (at least not yet) who might have placed it in unthinkable places.

So, where is it?!!

I just don't know and cannot fathom. Of course, Kane is blaming it on my "pregnant brain"---but I really don't think a pregnant women's brain would cause her to place her favorite oven mitt in a place so obscure that it cannot be found by her or her husband.

So, as I have gone about the evening--going from room to room keep throwing my hands in the air saying--"WHERE is it?!"-- and then I hear Kane laugh of course. :)

It isn't that it can't be replaced or that it was that expensive in the first place---I mean, it is JUST an oven mitt!

It's the fact that it has gone missing---so so strange and frustrating--and it is driving me C~R~A~Z~Y!


tara said...

Jana, I was going to leave a comment telling you about my similar experience this weekend but I decided it would be a really long comment so I am going to post it on my blog...go read it!

Dad said...

I suppose our recent proximity to the vicinity would make us prime suspects, but WE PLEAD INNOCENT.

Heidi said...

i know how crazy it can drive you! Jeph and I cannot find our digital camera...we JUST had it and now cannot find it ANYwhere..I wish it were my oven mitt! :) No matter the item though, it still makes ya go batty!