Saturday, August 13, 2005

"3 Hour Tour"

OK--so it wasn't really a 3 hour tour---but now I have the Gilligan's Island theme song running through my head.

On Thursday evening Kane and I went over to Piedmont Hospital to take their 30 minute tour of their labor and delivery floor and nursery. There were quite a few expectant couples there for the tour--probably close to 20 people. One of the lactation consultants who works at the hospital guided the tour and was very helpful and willing to answer any questions.

She showed us one of the labor and delivery rooms and told us about their postpartum rooms. The room where you labor and deliver is very spacious and "peaceful". Once I deliver our baby we will then be moved to a postpartum room, which from what she said is more like a normal hospital room---smaller than the delivery room. I wasn't aware we would be moving from room to room once we got there---but I guess that's the way it's got to be. So, that's ok.

We also got to walk by the nursery where we got to see 3 brand new babies! Two were blond haired twin boys--SO CUTE and small!!!

I feel better now knowing where we are having the baby and the layout of where to park and go once labor begins. This really helps someone like me who always wants to be prepared and have a plan in place. :) I was also very encouraged to hear that the staff is very flexible and do whatever they can to make your labor experience the way you desire for it to be.

Seeing the babies in the nursery made me even more excited (and a bit nervous--knowing the next time I am there means it is TIME for our baby to arrive). Only 16 weeks to go!


Mom said...

This is getting exciting! I know that it helps you, Jana, to know ahead of time what is what! I am glad you got to go so you can be "ready" when you go into labor. I hope I can find the parking and stuff at the time I need to! Just kidding, I am sure I can figure it out or "just follow you" to the hospital. Love, Mom

aint heidi said...

yay! i wish your baby could talk--because i know he/she would tell their uncle jeph that they really, really want their aunt heidi there for the grand arrival!!

heidi said...

um, actually it WAS was supposed to be aUnt, not aint! :) (i love you little barker bundle!)

Jordana said...

haha...AINT just wanted to spell it phonitically (sp?) correct.

Jana, how awesome for you!! I know you are/will be more relaxed about the whole thing knowing where you are going! I can't wait to see little Baby Barker either!! Gonna be interesting to see which side of the family Baby B looks like! That'll be a fun one! :-)

Dad said...

I know that seeing the hospital layout will make everything seem closer and more real. Can't wait!!

tara said...

I wish I could be there on the big day too, but I am glad that we will see the baby (and you guys, too) at Christmas!