Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Nap Debate

Should I or should I not nap this afternoon?---That is the question.

It seems this question comes to me about 2:30pm every Sunday afternoon. After lunch is over and the apartment is quiet---I feel this very strong urge to go climb in bed and sleep the rest of the afternoon away. Sometimes I talk to myself telling myself that I will just rest for 30 minutes, or an hour max, but so often I wake up a good 2 hours later feeling so wonderful and refreshed---that I am once again convinced that the Sunday afternoon nap was one of the greatest things ever invented...that is what I think...that is until...bedtime! Bedtime when I am SO WIDE AWAKE that there is no way I am going to fall asleep anytime soon. Or get enough sleep to be productive on Monday morning. I know in my bed, uh..I mean in my head that simply NOT taking a nap on Sunday afternoon is the correct answer. Not taking a nap would allow me to fall asleep easily Sunday night, get a good nights sleep and wake up Monday morning, ready for the week, ready to be productive and busy.
But, then again, my bed calls to me from the bedroom, beckoning me to come rest, sleep--just for a little while at least.
Every week when I am just about to cave in (and many weeks I do) to the most pleasant thing I can think of at that particular moment---d-o-z-i-n-g-z-z-z-z-z..... I hear my husband say the same thing he says every week--that is "naps are evil"! He says this not to keep himself awake because he rarely slips into afternoon slumber, but more because of bedtime---because he knows (from experience) that if I give in and I sleep and the afternoon away, then I will lay awake tonight talking to him---and keeping him awake as well. So, even though I know this is true--I feel my eyes begin to droop even now, so I think I will go cuddle up next to him (or at least my pillow) and rest...just for a bit. :)


Dad said...

I can say from personal experience that naps are most assuredly NOT evil. They are actually quite necessary.

narcolepticSue said...

Take it from the nap expert...a one, two, three hour nap is the most wonderful thing. Mixed with a cup of coffee in the evening, you are assured a sleepless night but the nap was still worth it!!(=

Mom said...

I cannot take naps on Sunday afternoon or I don't want to get back up to go back to church on Sunday night. If I didn't have to go anywhere else on Sunday I am sure I would fall into the "trap" much more often. As it is, I feel to lazy the rest of the night!