Monday, June 04, 2012

Dear, Evelyn.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious daughter, Evelyn.


This morning as I washed your blond curls during your bath I was taken back to the day you were born. The first thing that struck me the first time I laid eyes on you was your blond hair. When your cousin Grant saw the first picture of you he said you had golden hair...and you did. You were beautiful on that day and your beauty remains. 

Evelyn, you don't know it yet, but we prayed for you for many, many months before you joined our family. Mara Kate prayed every night for another baby and Mommy and Daddy did too...for almost 2 years we prayed before God answered our prayer. When we found out you were on the way we were 'over-the-moon' excited. Our prayers had been answered and we were beyond thankful. 

A little while later we found out that Mara Kate was having a little sister...another girl! We were all surprised and thrilled. In the final months while we waited on you we finished preparations for your arrival. It was June and we were ready. Your name was on your bedroom wall and on your diaper bag as well (such a Southern girl!). Your closet was filled with summery pink, girly outfits and your cradle was ready with clean sheets and soft blankets.

You arrived before 9am on your birthday and you were perfect. You quietly laid on my chest and we had 45 minutes of bliss...then...the nurse came to give you your first bath. About 15 minutes later a whirlwind began that lasted for the next 9 days. Something was wrong. Your heart and lungs were not working properly. Something wasn't connecting and functioning as it should. Oxygen wasn't going into your blood like your organs so desperately needed it to. Twelve hours after birth you were transported quickly to the children's hospital in Atlanta--in an effort to save your life. Your heart was so weak....and truthfully, you were barely hanging on. 

Evie, angels surrounded the ambulance as it took you to the hospital that could help you. Your life was being sustained by God Almighty Himself and it still is. The doctors and nurses in Atlanta took excellent care of you (and of Daddy and me too). They gave you the best care they could give and we were thankful. We cried out for God for Him to heal you, to help strengthen your heart and your lungs. We pleaded with Him to allow the treatment they gave you to work and for you to recover...fully. 

Evie, you need to know that God answered all our prayers--completely. After 9 days in the NICU you came home. You were healthy and whole and your heart was healthy and strong. Only because of God, baby girl. Only God.

Now 2 years later we are still reminded of the little fighter you were when you were brand new...because you are still full of fight! You are a strong, feisty, energetic little girl. You are talking like crazy and adding new words daily to your vocabulary. Although, you have no problem getting your point across even without words. You are a little fireball and we LOVE it! We praise God for your spunk, drive and energy. You are the picture of health and we are amazed at God's mercy and grace He has shown us through your life. You are a gift.

The past 24 months have flown by and have been so full because of your presence in our family and our home. We pray the Lord will bless you and us with many, many more years together. 

You are loved, baby girl....and always will be. By us and by your heavenly Father. 

Love always,



Christy said...

Praise God for little Evie! What a beautiful letter to your baby girl...she is a precious gift!

PapaDog said...

God has been so gracious. What a whirlwind those first weeks were ! I think we are all more Trusting and Thankful having lived those moments together. He loves her SO Much ! (So do I.)

Grandpa said...

We are so thankful indeed to God for keeping her and sustaining her and allowing us to keep her with us. Praise be to God!!

Lorie B said...

As I sit here reading this blog tears of joy are streaming down my face. I was there in the front row watching all that happened that day, June 4, 2010. I was there during those 9 amazing days as we watched God bring you to FULL HEALTH right before our very eyes! You are so precious to us and a reminder of God's loving hand on our lives! Always remember that He made you and He loves you so much and that WE are all so very glad HE put you in OUR family! Sweet EVIE, we cannot wait to see all that God has in store for you! With all my love, MIMI : )

Katie said...

Oh what a day it was when little E was born. I am so thankful to God she completely healed your sweet baby girl. She is such a blessing! Happy (Belated, I know!) Birthday Evie!!!!