Monday, May 21, 2012

DYI Spanish Moss Topiary

I have wanted some nice topiaries for my dining room for awhile and when I looked at the price tag on most pre-made ones I decided I could make some for a much more reasonable price. I bought all of my materials from Michael's except for the bamboo sticks and the thinner branches, which came from my yard. 

Here are my finished topiaries.

Here is a step by step tutorial...

Supplies Needed:
Terracotta pot
paint if you want to paint your pot as I did
Styrofoam square
Styrofoam ball
Spanish moss
hot glue gun and glue sticks
dowel rod or straight branch from your yard
thin "bendable" branches from your yard
sheet moss

Paint terracotta pots and let dry.

Cut Styrofoam square to fit tightly into your terracotta pot.

Place Styrofoam square into pot. You want it to fit firmly so cut it so that it barely fits into the pot, then push it down until it is a little below the rim of the pot.

Cover your Styrofoam ball with Spanish moss. Dealing with the moss made quite a mess, but it was easy to clean up afterward. Just cover a small portion at a time with hot glue, then press a bunch of moss onto the glue and hold. Leave a tiny portion uncovered at the bottom so you can insert your branch. Once you are finished gluing you can use scissors to cut off any long strands that stick out too far. Glue the moss together tightly so you cannot see the green Styrofoam underneath.

Before you insert your dowel rod or branch into your pot drill a pilot hole (see picture below). This will help the branch to go down straight.

Also, drill a pilot hole into the ball so the branch will go in a bit easier and stay straight. 

Once you have the holes correct take your branches back out and put hot glue onto the branch at the bottom (around the bottom couple of inches) and stuck it into your Styrofoam square. I also put a thick blob of glue around the edges of the branch and onto the Styrofoam...this way the branch didn't have any wiggle room. Make sure that you are holding your branch completely straight and that it is at the height you want so that once that thick glue around the bottom sets it is holding your branch exactly the way you want it to stand. Also put glue onto the top of your branch before you put the moss ball onto it. This way it will be held tightly together from the top and the bottom.

I took some very thin wispy branches and cut them to the right length. Then I hot glued it at the top (had to hold firmly against the thicker branch until the glue set. Then I wound it around the branch until the bottom. Then I hot glued it to the thick branch at the bottom. If you don't want to use hot glue for this step you could also use some thin floral wire to attach the thin branches.

Once the thin branches were set, I wanted to cover up the place where I glued them into place. So, on the ball I just added a little more moss around the base of the ball and glued it around to cover all the glue I had used. I did the same at the bottom with some sheet moss. This moss worked great in the pot to cover the Styrofoam square. You would never guess that under that moss was just Styrofoam!

Finished topiary!

I'm very happy with the way they turned out.

I would say the total cost for supplies was about $15 per topiary.
not bad compared to other retail prices!


Christy said...

SO cute Jana! Well done!

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