Monday, November 01, 2010

Treasure from England

 Recently I was entered into a contest on a friend's blog. This friend and her husband recently relocated to England from Atlanta. When we lived in Atlanta Nathan was the youth guy at our church and Nicole is his sweet wife who moved to Atlanta all the way from California when they got married a few years ago.

Now they have packed it up and moved across the pond! I started reading their blog while they were still in the process of tying up loose ends in Atlanta in preparation for their big move!
I left a comment on Nicole's blog and was entered into a contest. The winner was going to receive a "treasure from England". Well, I was surprised to find that my name was drawn as one of two winners and I told Mara Kate that we would be getting a treasure from England! This was really great because in school we have been learning about European countries and features so when I mentioned England she knew exactly what I was talking about as we hand recently looked it up on our globe! A couple weeks later we got a package marked "Royal Mail"! It was cool to see that the postage stamp had a picture of England's Queen on it!

Mara Kate was a little disappointed though when we opened the package because she was expecting there to be a literal "treasure" (you now, an actual treasure chest filled with gold coins, jewels, etc.) from England. She said, "It's tea and cookies, so it's not a real treasure is it?!" (We then had a little lesson about how words can have several different meanings and that the word "treasure" could also mean "small gift".) 

I however wasn't dissapointed in the least! The tea smelled SO good the minute I took the box out of the envelope and the little cookies are very yummy too! Nicole included a sweet note as well, which I  really appreciate.

Before my grandmother passed away last Summer she and I used to exchange handwritten letters about twice a month and I really miss, it was really nice to receive such a nicely written letter all the way from England! Thanks Nicole!!