Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Praying for Missionaries

As part of our daily school routine Mara Kate and I have been praying through the list of Mission to the World missionaries, which is online at

 We usually find the country where they live on the globe and then pray specifically for each family member. Mara Kate always wants to pray for the kids if there are any and the wife if it's a husband and wife team. :) We also look to see if they have an email address and if so we always send a short email letting them know that we prayed for them that day. Sometimes the email addresses listed are not up to date, but we've also gotten several responses from missionaries and have learned some interesting things about the places where they live. One lady sent Mara Kate a copy of the Bulgarian alphabet to compare with our alphabet. One lady told us that she doesn't have a car in the city where she is lives and that she rides her bike pretty much everywhere she goes---and she really enjoys her life there!

It's been great having interaction with some of the missionaries we have prayed for and to show Mara Kate that they sent us an email back all the way from across the ocean or from a different continent. 

This week we prayed for a family that previously served in Mexico but are actually living in the US currently to raise support to go to Columbia soon.  

We emailed them and I mentioned that Mara Kate prayed specifically for their 2 children. Their prayer card said they homeschool as well so I let them know that's what we were doing as well and that Mara Kate thought it was neat that they do it too. 
Just a little while later we received an email with the following picture:

So cool, right?! Mara Kate is learning to read so she figured out what this said (with a little help) and definitely thought it was cool to see them holding a sign with HER name on it! :) I love this age of email and technology and I love the fellowship in God's kingdom!


Christy said...

This is so awesome Jana! I didn't know you guys did this and it's such a good idea. Thanks for posting this!

Katie said...

So neat! I am going to do that with EA! What a great learning tool in all sorts of different ways!

Betsy said...

That is so great, Jana! My sister Martha is planning to go to Africa with MTW next year. :)