Monday, November 08, 2010

Picture Post & Update

Here are a few random pictures from the past couple weeks...enjoy!

 Pirate Evie...already being dressed up by her big sister. :)

 Snuggled in their PJ's watching Blue's Clues together Saturday morning.

 Before church Sunday morning.
 Aunt Jane, do you remember the dress Evelyn is wearing? 
This dress was my first attempt at smocking after my talented Aunt Jane gave me a tutorial on how to do it.
Aunt Jane, I remember sitting in a chair at your house for several hours (while I was there visiting) and working on it while you and Mara Kate took a long nap together in your bed, remember?! 

Evelyn in her most recent napping position. 
Since she was born she has slept only on her back and has not enjoyed being on her tummy at all...but the past 2 days she has been flipping onto her tummy before falling asleep during her naps. Sometimes she gets mad because once she flips she hasn't really figured out how to flip back to her back yet, but I know she'll figure it out soon enough. She has also started sleeping with the little green "lovie" under her arm. I usually lay her down on her back and hand it to her. She grabs it, sticks as much of it as she can into her mouth and then rolls onto her tummy with it. It's so sweet to see her "cuddling" it already.