Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party

This past weekend we celebrated Mara Kate's fast approaching 5th birthday with a Fancy Nancy themed birthday party. If you haven't read any of the Fancy Nancy books, you are missing out! They are about a little girl who wants everything in her life and world to be as fancy as possible, especially when it comes to the words she uses. She'll use a fancy word for something that might otherwise be considered ordinary. She also laments the fact that she is the only fancy person in her family because her parents are just plain, simple and boring. :) Mara Kate has a lot of the books and loves them.

Once Mara Kate decided on her theme,  I got to work thinking up ways to make each part of the party as fancy and girly as possible. I also quickly took my mother in law up on her offer to make the cake. Mara Kate told me she wanted a layered (tiered) cake like she had seen in a picture and I told her I wasn't sure I could do that...but Tuie is a pro and offered to do it and it turned out completely fancy, beautiful and delicious!

Here are some pictures--and as you can see, we all had a blast!!

 The cake...
complete with edible flowers, butterflies, bows and sunglasses!

 Fancy Mara Kate and her Daddy....
he dressed in a tuxedo for the occasion!

 Sadly, my Mom and Dad weren't able to be here for the party,
but we will be seeing them soon over Thanksgiving.
Here is a picture of Kane's Mom & Dad...
as you can see, they also dressed for the occasion.
Everyone looked so sharp!

 Mara Kate only invited 2 little friends from Rome as well as her babysitter, but thankfully her cousins were able to come too all the way from Birmingham. Olivia of course got into the theme and had fun dressing up for the party. And Grant did a great job hanging out and entertaining himself while all the little girls went to the "spa" for mini-makeovers!

Speaking of the spa...

The "Ooh La La Beauty Spa" was set up in our room!

 I set up a netted area in my bedroom and made a little makeup, fingernail and toenail station.
Each girl got to rotate through each station to get their makeup and nails done. It was so fun and girly!!

 After their makeovers the girls got to go shopping at the 
"Fantastique Boutique" for some fancy party favors.

And we ate some fancy kinds of food....

Glittery kabobs of cheese---
made with Fancy Nancy's two favorite colors-hot pink and "fusia".

Savory Sandwiches

Fabulous Fruit Kabobs

And one more picture of the cake...surrounded at the bottom with a boa!

One of Mara Kate's birthday cards...
from Aunt Heidi. :)

We took many more pictures too...if you want to see them all check out the entire photo album here.

Happy 5th Birthday, Mara Kate! I cannot believe you are almost FIVE!! I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. Love you baby girl!


Anonymous said...


I have not stopped by for a time, but am back! Glad to see MK is 5! 5 already. Thankful that you now have two little ones to fill your life with:)

Maryanne Helms