Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day of School

Kane and I have worked hard over the past couple of months looking at and researching different school curriculum and we've finally gotten everything we want to use for this year together. We took Labor Day off and officially started "school" today with Mara Kate.

She was so excited and I was too! I think it will be so fun watching her learn new things this Fall and into the months to follow.

Here is our little "school corner" where we'll be doing school
(and also where I do my work from home part-time job).

Mara Kate's little table with all her school supplies.

For those who love stories about great deals....I found this little caddy in teh as-is section of IKEA probably about 2 years ago. It was super cute and I had no idea what I would do with it, but I knew it might come in handy at some day, so I just bought it. It has been in our attic for awhile and when I was thinking about a way to keep her books on her desk, but organized Kane reminded me of this little caddy. I ended up painting it white (it was regular wood) to match our other furniture. Kane may eventually hang it on the wall right above her table so her work space would be a little bigger. Either way, it's working great!

For part of Science this year we are going through a book called My Body. You trace an outline of your child then they color (like a coloring book) all the different organs in their body. You learn about each organ, what it's job is in your body and where it resides! The first organ we learned about this morning was our BRAIN!

Mara Kate did really well this morning during our school time and Evelyn napped while we studied...but I don't want to leave Evelyn out completely...

We'll just say she was busy learning home economics.
She was sitting here happily learning how to grate cheese! ha!


Liz T. said...

it's so fun to see the little place you set up for your daughter! brings back memories of when I was homeschooled :-) We plan to homeschool our kids someday so it's fun to see what other people are doing! (we don't have any kids yet)

Aunt Jane said...

Great post. Love the caddy and the happy kindergartener! Keep us posted on her progress...

Katie said...

Very fun!!! MK will enjoy school so much! I love Evelyn's pic and her "home economics" course!!! Too funny!

Dad said...

Make sure she gets the chocolate chip cookies curriculum!