Friday, September 10, 2010

Ballet Class

Mara Kate has been waiting all Summer for her Ballet classes to start. Finally, yesterday was her first class and she was SO excited! She asked to put on her leotard right after lunch but I made her wait until just 1 hour before class time! ha! She was really chomping at the bit to get to class!

All dressed and ready to go!!

Kane & I gave her this book about Angelina Ballerina yesterday before her first class. I had gotten it awhile back and was saving it for this special occasion. :) After she got dressed we sat together and read it then she took it in the car on the ride to class and looked at it again on our way.

Here she is with her ballet shoes on. She is in class with her friend Mary Kate from church. I'm thankful she knows one other person in her class---it'll fun to see Mary Kate's family each week and also watch them together in their recitals! I hope it's a fun year of learning for both of these girls.

After class I asked her what she learned and of course she said, "I don't remember anything!" ha!
Well, after supper she finally showed us 1st &2nd positions for, she did learn something, thankfully!! :)


Christy said...

So cute Jana!!! Enjoy your little ballerina!