Monday, August 16, 2010


I know the blog has been eerily quiet lately...and might continue to be for a little while longer.

Here are some reasons why:

1) I've found that I have significantly less time to blog right now because I am spending more time taking care of my girls. I think this is the only reason I need as it's a darn good one! ha! But, once Evelyn settles into a groove of regular and consistent naps I hope to find more time here and there to update the blog again on a more regular basis.

2) I'm getting ready to start home-schooling with Mara Kate this Fall and I've been busy looking at and ordering her school books.

3) I've started working part time (from home) as the administrative assistant for our church, so I'm needing to carve out time to add those tasks into my daily routine as well.

4) I got a new laptop and you know how change since my computer is different I feel like it takes a bit more effort to get my pictures uploaded. It's probably not actually harder, but it sort of feels that way because it's just different. So once I get over the learning curve I may get better at quickly uploading photos to the blog more often.

Please don't leave just yet....I will be back soon! I just need to get settled and back on my feet after a pretty whirl-wind-ish Summer! Thanks for reading!


Dad said...

Sounds like you're doing the important things first! Love ya.

Betsy said...

I read your post! You're a good blogger so don't completely drop off!

Christy said...

Miss you and your blog, but just 'cause it's fun to keep up on the day to day stuff now that you've moved :) You are doing a great job with all you have going on!