Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Part of the Family

Evelyn, 10.5 weeks

Evelyn is almost 3 months old---how is that possible?! I think it is true that time goes by much more quickly with #2.

Although Evelyn has of course been "part of the family" since the minute she arrived (and actually before as we talked about her often during my pregnancy) it seems that just in the last week or so I've felt like she really is becoming just part of the mix.

After going 4.5 years with just one child it has taken a little time to get used to the ebb & flow of adding another. I feel like after 10 weeks (9 at home) that Evelyn has done a wonderful job carving out her place among us. I feel more settled having her here and I think she is starting to feel a bit more settled being outside the womb. The Happiest Baby on the Block book/DVD says that the first 3 months of a baby's life is sort of like the 4th trimester---I think this is true! They do act more like a fetus than a baby at first and it does seem to take about 3 months for them to calm down and adjust to life in general. (At least this has been my experience).

Anyway, we are just so thankful she IS part of our family and we are enjoying each and every day with her! She is becoming more verbal, talking to us and is just so interested in looking at all the things around her.


Dad said...

I am very thankful that she's part of our family also!!

Susanna Rose said...

Time does go so much more quickly with the 2nd baby and any others after is kind of scary sometimes!!!:)