Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mommy/Daughter Date

For awhile now Kane and I both have been telling Mara Kate that we each wanted to take her on a special date before Evelyn is born.

Well, today Kane had to spend the majority of his day at Shorter for their graduation ceremonies, so I decided today was as good a day as any for Mara Kate and I to go on our special "Mommy/Daughter date". We had thrown around some ideas of what we would do on our date and with our list in hand we headed out bright and early this morning to spend lots of fun, quality time together. Here is what all we did to make the day extra special...

Mara Kate and I before heading out on our day long date together!

First we went to a nail salon for pedicures. A definite treat for me and Mara Kate's first experience, but I think she really enjoyed it!

The lady clipped her toenails, put lotion on her feet and legs and gave her a little massage before painting her nails. Mara Kate got to pick out the color she wanted and you won't be surprised that the color she chose was...


The finished product! She was so happy with her green polka-dotted toenails!
I was happy to know she was happy!

Then we went to the mall for her to ride the carousel.

She chose to ride the bunny this time around.

Then, while at the mall I asked her if she wanted to try the trampoline bouncing ride. She has been contemplating trying this for awhile, but has always been too afraid. She has said before that she would try it when she is 5 yrs. old. I told her today was the perfect time to try it. I also told her that if she didn't like it she could yell STOP and we'd stop it immediately. So, she decided to give it a try (to be honest, I was pretty surprised she did as she is usually extremely cautious.

She got all buckled in and after the first "bounce" into the air I saw a HUGE smile come across her face! She absolutely LOVED it!

Up high!!
After she was finished she told me she felt like she was flying, like Tinkerbell! So sweet. Even though this activity wasn't part of our original plan, I think it may have ended up being one of her favorite things we did.

After all the bouncing she had worked up at appetite so we headed over to Chick-Fil-A (her choice) for lunch. The Rome Chick-Fil-A is also half a sit down restaurant called The Dwarf House where they serve basically the same foods but with servers, plates and utensils. Since this was a "date" I decided we would sit on the Dwarf House side of the restaurant for a little more upper class lunch together.

This is my girl---through and through!
But, I know she gets these antics from her Daddy!

She enjoyed her nuggets, fries & Sprite.

After lunch a stop at the park was next on our schedule. Mara Kate doesn't really play on the playground equipment---that's not really her thing, but she told me specifically this morning that she wanted to bring a ball she could kick so she could run around and get some exercise. We actually forgot the ball at first and got all the way out of the neighborhood before we realized it. We went all the way back home to get it, so we'd have it for our time at the park. Thankfully the weather was a bit cooler today so we had a very pleasant time kicking around the ball together.

Playing "soccer"

Next we headed over to Barnes and Noble to visit the children's section. We picked out several books, found an empty corner and read, read, read together. I think in total we read about 20 books. Mara Kate loves books so she was very happy the entire time we were there. I had told her she could pick one book that we would purchase to remind her of our special date together. In the end she settled on a Fancy Nancy book, as she is very much into Fancy Nancy right now. The two plus hours we spent at the book store was very special and sweet.

Once she chose her book we ended our date with a little stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream. We didn't know, but Dairy Queen also has an indoor play area, so I let her play there for a little while too.

By the time we were finished, Kane was done with his responsibilities on campus and was already home by the time we got there! It was a wonderful day and a fun way to spend a Saturday when Daddy had to work.

Pretty toenails! We were excited to show them off to Daddy when we got home!

Mara Kate with her new book...

...and the little note I wrote inside to remind her of our special day together! What a blessing she is and how wonderful was our time together!


Lorie said...

What a fun and special day! Thank you for sharing so well on the blog. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Lots of good memories.

Andrea said...

Awww....this post is sooooo sweet! Cherish her little~ness and snuggle her like a baby this last month, because as soon as Evelyn arrives and MK walks in the hospital to meet her ~ MK will be a BIG SISTER and seem soooo big and grown up to you! It is weird, but true! Praying for y'all in the coming weeks... :-)

Katie said...

What a fun day Jana! I know she will remember that because you made it all about her and HER special day before the baby arrived. How sweet! Love the GREEN toes! As I was reading before I got to the color part I was thinking, "surely they don't have bright green!" Well, I guess they do! :) Miss ya!

Susanna Rose said...

Wow Jana...good job! MK will never forget this day and I love that you wrote in her book...hmmm, I'll have to do that for a special day with one of my kids in the future! Such a special touch!:) Anyways, Happy Mother's are an inspiring mother!:)

Dad said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'll make sure to have her tell me all about it when I come next month. I'll be flying in on June 8th. See you then!