Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Lull

I haven't posted consistently in awhile and I just don't know why. I sort of feel like there isn't really anything going on right now. Our life has been pretty normal day to day, which isn't something to complain about.

But, I miss the blog so I thought I'd just sit down and see what came to mind to write about. So, this post will most likely be extremely random, but will hopefully fill you in on the not so important things going on with us.

*It's snowing in Rome right now. It rained all night and now it has turned into snow. I am so ready for SPRING! We had a beautiful weekend a couple weekends ago and it was lovely---I'm ready for that kind of weather to return. I'm tired of being cold all of the time.

*I've been slowing working through a to-do list I made of things I need to buy/do before the baby arrives. I am making some progress, so feel less overwhelmed about it now than I did a month ago. I hope to have a few more of those items checked off in the coming month or so. Also, I'm so excited that a couple of my Atlanta friends and my sister are throwing me a baby shower too! Since we know the gender this time around it will be fun have a shower specifically tailored to having another girl!

*Oh, and we've been discussing names a lot lately and I think we are pretty much settled on one, but I'll write a different post about all of that soon.

*Mara Kate and I are heading to Chattanooga this weekend to spend the night with Kane's sister who is going to be there for a conference. Kane will stay behind to hopefully get caught up on some work stuff and we'll have some girl time with Elizabeth. She is staying in a hotel that has an indoor pool so Mara Kate is super excited about going swimming while we are there.

*Pregnancy update: I am currently 25 weeks along and have 15 weeks to go. I'm just beginning to feel the uncomfortableness of being pregnant, so I think that's pretty good. I just remember feeling big and awful most of my pregnancy with Mara Kate so I'm thankful I got over half way before feeling that way with this one. Also, I've gained less weight (only 8 pounds) so far this time around and I'm hoping that trend continues to the end. It would sure make the postpartum days easier. I've been feeling lots of kicks and movement and Kane and Mara Kate have felt her move too, which is pretty neat. She should be about 13 inches long right now and starting to put on some baby fat in the next few weeks.

*Now that I'm feeling more normal, less nauseous and less tired (most days) than I did during my first trimester, Mara Kate and I have been working hard to get back into doing "school" consistently. She has been doing very well with learning to write her letters, capital and lower case. She's also really starting to figure out how the sounds that letters make coincide with actual words and the sounds they start with. It's fun to see the little light bulb come on in her head.

Guess that's all for now! Maybe I'll think of some more interesting things to write about in the near future.