Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday we spent the day in Atlanta. Although I was reminded once again of the traffic there that I definitely don't miss, I did have a great time spending time with some good friends.

Kane and Mara Kate dropped me off at my friend Christy's house to attend a baby shower for her sister Vanessa. Vanessa just had a little baby girl the middle of February, so this shower was fun because her new little girl was present at the shower and just got passed around the whole time.

Kane and Mara Kate went to IKEA to get a few items and to Chick-Fil-A as well, so they had some fun while they were out too. Unfortunately one of the items we purchased was a dresser and when Kane tried to assemble it last night we realized that one of the pieces was damaged, so that means a return trip to Atlanta to exchange/return sometime in the next 90 days (hopefully sooner).

Here's Christy with her new niece, Alexis. Christy is also about to have a baby any day now, so it was funny watching little Alexis sleep in a curled position over Christy's baby bump. Someday she'll be playing with her little cousin Jack who is currently still in utero, but they will be less than a month apart in age.

After the shower was over Kane and Mara Kate came to pick me up and Mara Kate was excited to have a chance to cuddle and hold Alexis too. She loves seeing and holding little babies and we've been talking about her having a little baby sister soon. She is getting more and more excited!

After the shower we went to see our friends the Jensens. Mara Kate hasn't seen her dear friend Ella Ann in too long, so they were super excited to get in some play time and Katie and I had a blast just hanging out and catching up on everything. Thankfully Kane brought some grading he needed to get done so the time was actually a bit productive for him as well.

Ella Ann and Mara Kate dressed as Princesses,
which is what they are dressed like most of the time they are together.

After our time with the Jensen's was over we stopped at Target to get a couple things (we don't have a Target in Rome, so we have to go there whenever we have the chance) and then headed over to Pappasito's for a wonderful supper on our way out of town. We love this place and I'd been looking forward to eating there all week. It was a great day spent in Atlanta!


Heather said...

I love Pappasito's and literally haven't been there in almost ten years! Yum.