Monday, February 15, 2010

Window Treatment

The window in our eat-in kitchen area finally has a window treatment. When we moved into the house back in the Summer I had a vision for this window, but it has taken until now to have it all come together. I knew I wanted shelving of some sort above the window for decorative purposes. I had these trays displayed above my kitchen cabinets at our last apartment and although there is some room above my cabinets in this kitchen, the space isn't as tall so my pretty trays wouldn't fit.

For Christmas my in-laws gave me a set of brackets (from IKEA) and said they had a piece of leftover wood I could use for my shelf. It is a good, thick piece of wood, but it was a bit too long for what I wanted and it was stained brown, which I wasn't sure about either. After putting up the brackets and looking at it in my kitchen I decided on the right length and color I wanted.

Kane cut the wood to length and spray painted it black for me. My mother-in-law went shopping with me for fabric during her last visit and she kindly took home what we bought to sew my valance for me after we made a plan for how it would hang underneath the shelf (without a curtain rod). Once her sewing was done she mailed it to me and I bought the rest of the supplies needed to finish the project.

I got some small hooks from Lowe's and we screwed them directly into the bottom of the shelf. I also sewed some small plastic rings to the back side of the valance to "hang" it from the hooks---and I'm very happy with the way it turned out!

My window treatment--what do you think?!

Sorry the lighting isn't better. It's hard to take a picture of something when there's a light fixture right in the way!

Another angle

Next project: an extra long bed skirt for the bed in our guest room. Just put it up on elevators to make more room for storage and now it's too tall for a standard sized bed skirt.

Tuie-I'll probably be calling on you for more help with this task too!
At least for some sewing related brainstorming.


Aunt Jane said...

I really like the way it looks! Great job on being creative!

Tara said...

it looks nice...I love getting things just the way they should be. After almost 17 months in this house, I've been rearranging and adding some finishes touches, recently, too.

Dad said...

As always, you're very creative and imaginative with your decorating. Looks very nice.